Benchmark Your Sales Organization Against the Best in the World!

What makes an outstanding sales organization? This was the question Mercuri International and the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland asked in this global study. These results will allow you to benchmark your sales organization against the best in the world.

We interviewed sales managers in 750 organizations around the world and across 15 industries. The purpose was to learn what the most successful sales organizations do differently compared to their competition. The results clearly demonstrate the critical keys to success in each the following areas:

  •     Sales Strategy
  •     Market and Customer Segmentation
  •     Organization, Structure and Tools
  •     Sales Management
  •     Sales Situations
  •     Competence of Sales Representatives
  •     Company’s internal Conditions in Relation to Sales

To learn more about these results and benchmark your organization, please email us and receive a complimentary 30 min webinar. We guarantee this session will provide valuable food for thought to anyone in Sales Management, Business Development or Sales Training.