Remote Selling

Remote Selling: Challenge or Opportunity?

“I’m leaving voice mail messages and email messages and getting very few responses anymore! What can I do?”

The novelty of working from home has worn off and it seems like our prospects aren’t interested in talking. How do we gain their attention?”

“Active selling time is more critical than ever – I’m not worried about slacking-off. I’m worried about time management towards the right sales priorities.”

Why Remote Selling?

New technologies have considerably expanded the options for interacting with customers. Remote Selling is getting to be a bigger and bigger issue. Many companies have already started developing their teams to optimize their sales performance in this ever changing new environment.

Companies around the globe are calling off sales meetings and face to face training sessions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Sales managers and learning and development personnel are thinking of new ways to get new hires up to speed and keep teams on track. To adapt to the changes in the world around us we are now launching several virtual training programs by using the latest technology to help you and your team maintain momentum in today’s uncertain climate.

These learning experiences are designed to provide you with both insights and practical tips for all the topics that might be a challenge when entering the world of remote selling.

Don’t let this new normal slow your momentum. Keep your teams focused, even when they are working remotely. Discover how to take advantage of remote selling and turn each meeting into a success! Read more about the Remote Selling learning path in the product sheet as a first step.

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