Finance and Professional Services

Mercuri International helps our financial & professional services clients win, grow and keep profitable clients.

Over 500 clients across the sector have chosen Mercuri to develop their customer-facing people and those who lead them. These clients say they chose Mercuri because of our:

  • depth and diversity
  • credibility and creativity
  • capability and capacity
  • flexibility and focus
  • performance and payback

They use us

  • to analyze their sales situation
  • to design effective solutions
  • to deliver  training that works (both face-to-face and digitally)
  • to ensure learning is implemented
  • to consolidate the process into Business As Usual

These clients include 50% of the world’s top 50 as well as boutique firms, independents and niche players. They range from Big4 Accountants and global banks, through insurers and asset managers to wealth managers and employee benefits consultants.

To know more about Mercuri International in this dynamic and demanding sector view this video where we explain how to win, grow and manage clients within the financial sector.